What we do as well


Christmas Sleigh

Christmas comes but once a year and you will find Braunton Caen out with Santa and his sleigh, going around the village over two weeks, reminding you all that Christmas is coming. 

And a first for 2018 ..... on Christmas Eve Santa did a run for three hours around the village wishing every one a Merry Christmas.


Defib Heart Start

Braunton has a number of public access Defibrillators in the Village and Braunton Caen has helped supply and maintain most of them. 

We also help to organise Heart Start courses around the area.  We will have a list on the website soon so please look again.


End Polio Now

Polio is something that we in Britain and most of the world have not had to worry about for many years. Did you know that back in 1988, Rotary was the driving force to have National Immunisation Days in the countries where Polio still existed. A number of Braunton Caen Rotarians have travelled to India to help local healthcare workers on National immunisation Days administering polio vaccine to all children under five years of age. 

Have you seen the Purple Crocuses around the village? Braunton Caen Rotary over the years has planted around 10,000 crocus corms to help raise awareness that Polio is still around.